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National Cooperative RX / Wisconsin RX
National CooperativeRx | WisconsinRx is a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative made up of employers and organizations. Together, our member-owners leverage their collective purchasing power to access the best discounts and cutting edge clinical programs from a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) chosen via a competitive bid process.  Our goal is high quality, cost-effective pharmacy benefits management with honest, transparent pricing.
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August 18, 2016
Opioids can lead to abuse, addiction, and death. With so much media coverage on the dangers of opioids, members are asking us what we’re doing to help participants avoid some of the risks. The Cooperative uses CVS/caremark’s Safety & Monitoring program for its members. This reviews utilization based on a variety of factors (for example: number of controlled substances prone to abuse that are prescribed to a participant, the number of pharmacies that participant uses, and the number of prescribers for that participant) along with a proprietary CVS/caremark algorithm (certain patient populations are excluded, such as those on cancer drugs, HIV/AIDS, or end stage renal disease). CVS/caremark assigns a risk score to individuals and then these are stratified. Those with the highest risk scores are reviewed by a clinical pharmacist at CVS/caremark. Outreach is provided to the respective prescribers, as deemed appropriate. Read More ›

The Co-op Difference

We're different because we're member-owned and member-governed, led by a Board of Directors elected by Members. This aligns our goals with the goals of our Members.
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Become A Member

Members of National CooperativeRx are all different: employers, unions, government entities, and coalitions. They may have 100 participants or 60,000. Regardless, they all enjoy the same great value and benefits.
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More Than Just A Good Price

Good health. Our Members aren't only interested in low cost, they're interested in keeping their participants healthy and happy. National CooperativeRx helps.
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“National CooperativeRx offers greater purchasing discounts, enhanced customer service and increased transparency.  Instead of being out there on our own as a little fish in the big prescription benefits pond, we’re swimming with bigger fish."
Robin Mullins
Board Member, HCCMCA in Anchorage, AK